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Learn how to make the most of vegetarian ingredients, plus check out our helpful cooking tips and suggestions for kitchen tool essentials.



Heavy-bottomed and ovenproof with a tight-fitting lid, this thick metal pot heats evenly and holds heat well, so veggies sear and sizzle, soups simmer slowly, frying oil stays hot, and puddings don't stick. Here are a few handy tips to know before you get cooking:

1. Pre-heat well. Place oil or butter in a cold Dutch oven, then heat or melt over medium or low heat 3 to 5 minutes, making sure the bottom becomes completely coated in oil to prevent sticking. Tip: to use less fat, use a paper towel or brush to spread oil conservatively.



Come winter, oranges will cure what ails you in the kitchen.

Want a hint of sweetness? Add a little juice.

Need a flavor lift? Stir in a little zest. Plus, orange slices, segment, and pulpy pieces can brighten just about any recipe, from savory sauces to desserts.

Orange season is now in full swing (it runs through June), meaning there's no better time to make the most of the sunny, sweet citrus.


’Tis the season for supporting the work of charities that improve the lives of companion animals. Here are four of the best:


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