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Learn how to make the most of vegetarian ingredients, plus check out our helpful cooking tips and suggestions for kitchen tool essentials.



Popcorn poppers and microwaveable bags are convenient, but they’re not necessary. Here’s how to get perfect results when you pop your own kernels.

Surprise! Parmesan isn’t the only cheese that can be off limits to vegetarians. 
Many cheeses contain animal rennet—an enzyme that helps milk separate into curds and whey—and cheese makers aren’t required to specify it in ingredients lists. Want to find the very best veg-friendly cheeses? Read on for a few simple tips.

Even the most accomplished cooks have experienced gravy failure at one time or another (probably more than once). But with a good gravy base, a little understanding, and a few great recipes, those too-thick, too-thin, too-salty, too-bland, too-lumpy sauces can be a thing of the past. Here are 5 easy steps to get perfect results every time:

1. Sauté seasoning components. Cook until softened and browned.

Trying to get your loved ones to eat veg more often? It's easier than you might think. Just focus on simple, filling, familiar meals (read: go easy on the tofu and tempeh, depending on how open-minded your folks are). Here are a few tried-and-true favorites that have gone over well with my meat-eating husband, who is usually very unenthusiastic about all things bean:

Around this time of year, I love roasting veggies—it makes them so perfectly sweet and crispy-tender—but I hate cleaning up. My baking sheet always seems to require extensive soaking and scrubbing to get rid of the inevitable charred roast-y mess. The solution? Parchment paper! This handy stuff, typically used for baking cookies, ensures that any food slides right off.

How to Use It

Looking for meals you can toss together with your eyes closed? We hear you. No matter how tired you are, we're betting you can manage to whip up some variation of this simple, healthy stuff (which makes great next-day leftovers too). Here are five keys to building a super bowl:


1. Grains: I like hearty ones like brown rice, quinoa, and whole-wheat pearl couscous (the plump kind). Cook a big batch on Sunday, and save 1/2 to 1 cup for each later-in-the-week bowl.


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