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Learn how to make the most of vegetarian ingredients, plus check out our helpful cooking tips and suggestions for kitchen tool essentials.

Parmesan Tasting Platter

Readers often ask us why we use Parmesan in our recipes. Isn't it off-limits to vegetarians? Actually, not always.

Tempted by junk food at the office? We hear you! Here a few simple tricks to avoid gobbling every last bar and cookie that crosses my path.

Photo courtesy of The Edible Garden Project


Leon Cauliflower Cheese


Basil Mint and Parsley


For many of us, the biggest evolutionary step we’ll take as home chefs is investing in quality cookware. That might mean springing for a really great non-stick pan, splurging on a top-of-the-line blender, or—as was the case for me—getting spoiled by a generous mother-in-law with the gift of an entire Le Creuset set. Upgrading your culinary arsenal is a simple act that can feel like a graduation from the realm of amateurs to sautéing, searing, and braising expertise.


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