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Vegans know that by choosing foods that are free of animal products, we can improve health, help the environment, and reduce the suffering of animals. Want to try new vegan recipes? Check out any of the delicious choices shown here.

Vegan Favorites: Editors' Picks

Protein-rich tofu dishes are a staple of any vegan diet (always choose organic tofu, which is GMO-free). These vegan recipes make hearty side dishes or can be the foundation of a satisfying vegan dinner.

Vegan Lasagna

The tomato sauce recipe makes enough to serve on the side or to freeze and enjoy later with pasta.

Vegan Tempeh Reubens

Thinly sliced tempeh simmered in a flavorful broth makes a great sandwich "meat" in this deli classic. Look for Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, which melts better than other brands.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Baker’s brand of chocolate contains no animal products. If you prefer, garnish pudding with vegan whipped cream and sliced strawberries or other seasonal berries. What makes this pudding so special is its ultra-rich taste and dense, chocolatey flavor.

Vegan Favorites: Desserts

Blueberry Buckle

This vegan take on an old-fashioned dessert will become a summer favorite. Serve à la mode with soy ice cream, if desired.

Minty Melon Sorbet

Sweet melon sorbet, accented with mint and ginger, melts in your mouth and cleanses the palate to finish a meal.

Lime-Marinated Nashi Pearls

Asian pears lend themselves well to fruit salads, where they add a crisp and juicy texture similar to melon.

Decadent Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Coconut milk stands in for heavy cream in these easy homemade chocolates.

Just Added Vegan Recipes

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