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The Ultimate Dairy-Free Ice Cream

NGI: ProVeg TipsCOOK LIKE A PRO with our new 11-video series with the Natural Gourmet Institute! Learn the essentials to become a better vegetarian chef. All taught by Chef Instructor and VT contributor, Elliott Prag. Let’s get cookin’!
How to Create Umami Knowing how to create this taste can enhance the overall flavor of your plant-based dishes.
Creamy Soup without the Cream Learn how to use oats instead of cream or butter to create a rich, velvety texture for your soups.
Plate Like a Chef Aside from being delicious, learn how to make your food look beautiful too.
DIY Gluten-Free Flour Blend Create your own gluten-free flour blend and use it to create a chocolate cake.
Bringing Your Spices to Life Learn how to make spices richer, bolder and more fragrant with just a few simple techniques.
Mincing Learn how to hold the knife while mincing garlic and herbs.
Essential Cutting Skills Use the skills learned in “Knife 101” to master sauté slicing, and dicing.
Slicing & Dicing Learn the appropriate cuts for vegetables and how to make them bite sized for your dish.
Knife 101 Mastering proper knife skills will cut your prep time in half, and make some of your food look better too.
Vinaigrettes 101 One of the first things culinary students learn is how to create the proper vinaigrette. Learn how to strike the correct balance between oil and acid.
How to Chiffonade Learn how to chiffonade so you can dress up any dish.
How to Supreme Citrus Fruit Watch this video to learn how to supreme citrus fruits.
How to Dice Learn how to dice like a pro by watching this video.
How to Make Seitan Learn how to make seitan, a tasty high-protein meat substitute.
How to Use Leaves as Wraps Liven up your lunch or dinner by using leaves as wraps.
How to Knead Master the art of kneading homemade dough.
How to Roast Vegetables Learn how to roast veggies, a technique you'll use again and again.
How to Make Edible Squash Bowls Wow dinner guests by serving your next stew or chili in edible squash bowls.