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Cooking and Baking Without Eggs: It Works!

A common stumbling block for newfound vegans is learning how to cook and bake without eggs. That's one of the many reasons Vegetarian Times has partnered with celebrated vegan chef and cookbook author Julie Morris for the online course Go Vegan, which will help guide you step by step into the world of vegan cooking and baking. 

In this preview of her course, Morris shows us that nuts and seeds are a surprisingly reliable alternative to eggs. With the right mix, their protein and fat makes recipes satiating, and they're extremely versatile. They can be combined with fruits, folded into sweet desserts, mixed with vegetables, or combined with savory legumes and grains; blended into a dairy-like cream, masticated into a nut/seed “butter,” or enjoyed as-is as an energy-sustaining snack.

You can even use some seeds, like chia or flax, as an egg replacement—watch the video to check it out!

Then, if you're curious about learning more, check out the course by clicking here: Go Vegan with Chef Julie Morris.




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