Neal Barnard, MD

Inflammation Fighting Food and Supplements

How to Fight Inflammation

Learn what inflammation is, and the foods and supplements you can take to help keep symptoms at bay.

Feed Your Brain

Feed Your Brain

How to eat to sharpen your memory today, and protect against Alzheimer's for the long haul

Rx for Pain

Rx for Pain

Can a menu change provide relief?

ask the doc slumber blunders

Slumber Blunders

Can poor sleep = weight gain?


What Does it Mean to be Insulin Resistant?

Answers to your questions about prediabetes and diabetes.


How Can I Eat to Boost My Energy?

How to find energy naturally through foods to get you through the day.

ask the doc starve a headache

Starve a Headache

Can cleaning up your diet help clear your head?

Health Facts About Salt

What you need to know about your sodium intake

The Hydration Myth

The Hydration Myth

Are you thirsty for the truth?

Vitamin D

Why we need vitamin D, and how to get enough

Sun, supplement, or food — what's the best source? Neal Barnard, MD, offers his insight.


Iron: How Much is Enough?

You can get what you need from a plant-based diet. Here's how.

ask the doc omega 3

Omega-3s & Your Health

You don't need fish to reap the benefits.

Protein Needs for Vegetarian Athletes

Does more exercise mean more protein?

Will eating more protein help your body gain muscle faster? The research may surprise you.