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Supereasy Vegan: Pizza Dough for Beginners

Cooking an elaborate meal is something I don’t get to do very often, and not because there aren’t enough holidays, birthdays, or ends of long work-weeks to celebrate. It’s simply because of time—lack of it. An hour spent prepping something fresh and tasty is an hour spent not cleaning off my desk, not finishing that almost-overdue library book, and not walking the dog. Enter the healthy-in-a-hurry meal.

 I don’t own a microwave, so there’s a limit to how quickly I can get food onto my plate and into my mouth, and besides, I’ve never been into prefab foods. Instead of relying on packaged products, I’ve developed a repertoire of fast, tasty, healthy meals that take very little time to prepare.


Gut Health Tune-Up

Research shows that our overall health starts—or stalls out—in the gut. In the spirit of the New Year, why not consider a tune-up for your “digestive engine”? You’ll feel better, likely gain energy, reduce risks for some diseases, and probably even drop a few pounds.


An Inspiring New Advocate for Plant-Based Eating

At only 15, Haile Thomas is an enthusiastic advocate for plant-based eating. It all started when her father was diagnosed with diabetes and the whole family decided to cook and eat more healthfully. Through her website, cooking classes, TV appearances and work with Sweetleaf Stevia Sweeteners, Haile inspires kids and adults to eating nutritious, delicious, plant-based food.