Good News! Stories We Dig from Around the Web

A round-up of recent fun food news.

A round-up of recent fun news.

A new study finds used coffee grounds are full of antioxidants. Researchers are working on ways to use them in dietary supplements, but until then, you can do pretty neat things with your grounds: compost them, stick them in a bowl in your fridge to prevent odors, or sprinkle them in your garden (free fertilizer!).

New York Times columnist Martha Rose Shulman has a sweet New Year's resolution: cook vegan for a week without buying anything new. Sounds daunting, but you'd be surprised how much you can scrounge up from your pantry, freezer, and fridge.

It's really hard to find kale in France, so Kristin Beddard—a New Yorker who moved to Paris in 2011—started The Kale Project, a Web site that tracks which local markets and restaurants carry her favorite dark leafy green. She also brings seeds to French farmers and educates chefs about the elusive good-for-you veggie. J'adore this lady!