Happy Vegiversary to VT Reader Kellie Dunn!

Reader Name: Kellie Dunn Location: Seattle Vegetarian Since: May 1994


Reader Name: Kellie Dunn

Location: Seattle

Vegetarian Since: May 1994

What motivated you to go veg? 

A friend bet me to do it for two weeks. A couple decades later I’m still going strong!

What fruit or veggie best describes you?

A chioggia beet: humble on the outside, a little flamboyant on the inside.

What’s your most treasured piece of cookware?

I bought my cast-iron crêpe pan new, but I plan to keep it in use until it qualifies as an heirloom. I love that thing.

What’s your best advice for new vegetarians/vegans?

Learn to love cooking! It will make you healthier and benefit your loved ones.

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