Happy Vegiversary to VT Reader Liz Cairns!

Each month, we highlight a different reader's "vegiversary"—the anniversary of when they went veg. Read this one, then share your own!


Each month, we highlight a different reader’s “vegiversary”—the anniversary of when they went veg. Share yours at

Reader Name: Liz Cairns

Location: Cambridge, Ont.

Vegan Since: January 2000

What motivated you to go veg? 

Something just felt wrong about ingesting another creature. Compassion won out over what others thought I should be eating.

What’s your favorite veg restaurant, and what do you order there?
Cafe Pyrus in Kitchener, Ont. The vegan club and breakfast burrito are delish!

What fruit or veggie best describes you, and why?

Tomato—a little sweet, a little sour.

What’s your most treasured piece of cookware? 

My grandmother’s cookie press. The best shortbread comes from that little thing.

What’s your best advice for new vegetarians/vegans? 

Don’t give up just because you find it hard to go out with friends for dinner. Many restaurants are great about making accommodations for you, as long as you ask politely!