Our Daily Bread

Photo Courtesy of Icarus Films�

January ushers in a lot of new things. This year, that includes the release of the DVD Our Daily Bread, an award-winning documentary that gives an inside look at food production and how industrialized and high-tech it has become. At times, it�s hard to believe your own eyes.

Let me be clear, this is by no means a fun movie to watch, but it is enlightening. Considering the world�s population is barreling toward 7 billion, and our love of machinery to create efficiency, it should come as no surprise that our food is farmed like this, but the in-your-face images Our Daily Bread offers brings the reality home in a direct and profound way.���

Nikolaus Geyrhalter, the film�s director and cinematographer, made a choice to forego narration, which works to further deepen the impact of the images. The workers feel like extras in this film, but they do create a compelling contrast, with their machine-like behavior and ennui. Your day job never looked so good.��

One warning before you go rent or buy this film: the footage includes a significant amount of animal food production, including graphic slaughtering that is very difficult to watch. I know I had to turn my head a couple times. Nevertheless, I�d suggest everyone take a look at this documentary. To view the trailer, click here. To visit Icarus Films Home Video where you can order the dvd, click here.

�Gabrielle Harradine, Assistant Editor�