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Taste Buds: Cauliflower & Cardamom

Casey Easton pairs cauliflower and cardamom for a simple snack to eat plain or dipped in hummus.
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Cauliflower has a sweet, earthy flavor of its own, but becomes extra flavorful when adorned with herbs and spices.

Cardamom carries a unique aromatic flavor that is bright, fragrant, and citrusy—and pairs well with cauliflower. Try breaking the cauliflower into florets and roasting them with a tad of cardamom, honey, salt, and olive oil, then finishing with a squeeze of lemon for a simple snack to eat plain or dipped in hummus. Steaming and mashing cauliflower with a little butter or olive oil translates into a beautiful, rich, creamy whipped dish that can be spiked with cardamom and a dash of garlic to produce a perfect, hearty bed for simple roasted vegetables.

Casey Easton is the founder/owner of Food Lab Cooking School in Boulder, Colo. She trained at the School of Natural Cookery, and spent many years as a private chef.