Beyond Breakfast Sausage Wakes Up the Menu at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

A new meatless option for when you're on the go

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There’s a new veggie breakfast option at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations across California. Beyond breakfast sausage stars in a new breakfast sandwich, the first veggie-meat offering from the chain.

“Following the successful test in San Diego, we’re proud that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is expanding the Beyond Breakfast Sausage Sandwich to stores across California so that it’s easier than ever for consumers on-the-go to enjoy the nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based protein,” says Beyond Meat VP Tim Smith. “As two SoCal-based companies, we’re excited to partner to bring our fans a delicious and convenient breakfast option made with plant-based sausage.”

The sandwich also features an egg and slice of provolone (dairy) cheese, so it’s not suitable for vegans – but it is vegetarian and furthers the goal of normalizing plant-based protein.

Launching at the same time are Coffee Bean’s fall seasonal drinks, including cookie butter and pumpkin coffee beverages. Any drink on the chain’s menu can be made with oat, almond, or soy milk upon request, though a representative for the company confirms that the pumpkin spice powder base does contain milk. A vanilla bean sauce can be substituted as a dairy-free option (contains honey). Most locations also stock vegan brownies and vegan banana loaf in the pastry case.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf competitor Starbucks launched a partnership with Impossible last summer, debuting their own meatless breakfast sausage sandwich at U.S. locations. For that company, rolling out plant-based protein offerings is both a response to customer requests and part of an agenda to reduce environmental impact.

“Starbucks’s aspiration is to become resource positive,” chief sustainability officer Michael Kobori wrote in a statement at the time. “This aspiration, coupled with the insight that our customers are looking for more plant-based choices, has inspired the development of exciting and delicious plant-based beverages and food.”


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