Best Convection Ovens

Convection ovens boast the ability to cook food faster, more evenly, and with better browning, while also saving energy compared to a traditional oven. These versatile appliances accomplish this by adding a fan system that blows hot air over and around the food, and then vents it back out. Convection ovens come in a range of different sizes, and most offer a variety of functions designed for different foods, like pizzas, toast, baked goods, and more. To help you find the best convection oven for your kitchen, we’ve pulled together four great options. When choosing, you’ll want to consider capacity, price, functions, and design. See our top picks below.

Most Advanced

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven 


Smart Heating. Using what Breville terms “Element IQ” technology, this Breville convection oven is designed to adjust its heat distribution and power, depending on what you’re cooking.

What We Liked: 

Boasting nine preset functions and an impressive 1800W power, this Breville oven promises to make it easier to deliver just the right heat to every dish you put inside. We appreciated that we could customize the settings. This allowed us to get every recipe exactly how we wanted it. Get it here.

Most Affordable

Oster Toaster Oven, Digital Convection Oven


Budget-Friendly and Easy. At a great price, this Oster oven offers seven easy-to-use cooking settings and a convenient interior light.

What We Liked: 

This one’s a fraction of the cost when looking at the other options on our list. As the most affordable pick here, this Oster oven is a great choice for those who want to add a convection oven to their kitchen without breaking the bank, while still getting impressive features like a removable crumb tray and wide temperature range. We’re recommending this one for beginners who want to give convection a whirl. Get it today.

Most Versatile

Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven


Many Cooking Functions. Offering 15 different cooking functions, this Cuisinart oven is the most versatile option on our list. Functions include waffle, pizza, bake, defrost, and a useful dual-cook function.

What We Liked: 

Coming with two oven racks, a pizza stone, a broiling pan, and more, this Cuisinart oven has enough different functions and features to handle nearly anything you want to cook, bake, toast, or defrost. We recommend it as a gift because it’s certainly impressive and just what the creative foodie and chef will love. Get it now.

Best Large Option

Oster French Convection Countertop & Toaster Oven


Very Large Interior. With an impressively large interior that can fit two 16-inch pizzas, this Oster convection oven is the largest option on our list, making it a great choice for those who want to cook large batches or need to serve a crowd.

What We Liked: 

Boasting the largest capacity on our list and the only option with a French door design, this Oster convection oven is a great option for those in search of a large oven that can cook a ton at one time. We appreciated that it appeared elegant on the countertop as a permanent kitchen appliance. Get it here.