Curried Corn with Chiles

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Crossing India with Mexico may seem like an odd culinary concept, but this curry is incredibly sweet, fragrant and packed with flavor. Fresh white corn is ideal, but frozen niblets will work too. Serve with basmati rice and chutney.

  • 6Servings


  • 2 Tbs. vegetable oil
  • 1 bunch scallions, minced
  • 1 1/2 Tbs. ground coriander, or to taste
  • 2 tsp. ground cumin, or to taste
  • 2 tsp. curry powder, or to taste
  • 1 1/2 14-oz. cans light coconut milk
  • 4 cups corn kernels
  • 2 large poblano chiles, roasted, peeled, seeded and diced
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro leaves


Heat oil in large saucepan over medium heat, and sauté scallions 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in coriander, cumin, curry, cayenne and 1/2 cup coconut milk; cook 3 minutes, stirring often.

Add remaining coconut milk and lemon zest, and cook 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in salt and corn kernels, and cook 3 to 4 minutes, or until heated through. Stir in chiles, and cook 1 minute more. Garnish with cilantro, and serve.

Nutrition Information

  • Calories: 260
  • Carbohydrate Content: 33 g
  • Fat Content: 13 g
  • Fiber Content: 6 g
  • Protein Content: 7 g
  • Saturated Fat Content: 6 g
  • Sodium Content: 40 mg
  • Sugar Content: 6 g