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Hot Weather Desserts

We've got a host of ice-cold indulgences that will satisfy any craving or occasion.

Just because it’s too darned hot to feel hungry for much more than a salad doesn’t mean you have to forgo the sweet pleasures of dessert. Homemade frozen treats are just the ticket.

Here are a few ice-cold indulgences that’ll satisfy any craving or occasion. 

Apricot Semifreddo with Blackberry Sauce


“Semifreddo” means partially frozen—and that makes this the perfect treat for a hot-weather day.

Get the recipe here.

Triple Berry Pops

Triple Berry Pops

Berries are excellent sources of anthocyanins, potent antioxidants that fight disease and are best preserved when frozen.

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Coconut Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce


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Raspberry-Lemonade Sorbet


Extra-lemony and not too sweet, this is an easy sorbet to whip up year-round with frozen raspberries. 

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