Pub Grub

Invite pals over for a pint and some hearty pub-style fare this St. Patrick's Day
Pub Grub

Over on the Emerald Isle, the locals don't draw shamrocks on their faces or drink green beer on St. Patrick's Day. Instead, they're more likely to drop by the pub for a pint or two and a plate of something simple. So why not give your St. Patty's Day celebration that same homey, hospitable feel with a menu of pub food classics?

Mix It Up Give these pub standards a try as a change from your basic pint of lager, stout, or ale.

Black & Tanhalf stout, half pale ale

Black Velvethalf stout, half champagne

Half & Halfhalf stout, half lager

Shandyhalf lager, half fizzy lemonade (7Up or Sprite) or ginger ale

Snakebitehalf lager, half cider