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Spooky Serpent Swamp

Ssso good, ssso easy, and there's no need to tell kids there's spinach swimming in the guacamole. Have a pizza cutter on hand for easy slicing and sharing.
Spooky Serpent Swamp recipe

Spooky Serpent Swamp - just beneath the surface lies a sea of spinach guacamole.

  • Duration
  • 3 swampsServings


  • 4 cups baby spinach leaves
  • 1/2 small onion, cut into chunks (1/4 cup)
  • 1 large avocado, quartered
  • 1 Tbs. lemon juice
  • 1 Tbs. lime juice
  • 3 herbed green tortillas
  • 1 1/2 cups Snapea Crisps, snapped in two
  • 3 Mini Babybel Light cheeses
  • 2 1/4-inch-thick slices Cheddar cheese
  • 1 radish


1. To make Guacamole: Cook spinach in pot of boiling water 3 minutes. Rinse under cold water, and drain, pressing down to remove excess moisture.

2. Purée spinach and onion to paste in food processor. Add avocado, lemon juice, and lime juice; purée until smooth. Season with salt and pepper, if desired. Set aside 1/3 cup Guacamole to use as glue for decorations.

3. To make Serpent Swamps: Fold tortillas in half, and cut 4-inch ovals from each half. Spread 2 Tbs. Guacamole on each of 3 tortilla ovals, then top with 3 remaining tortilla ovals. Place tortilla sandwiches on serving plates, then “glue” Snapea Crisps around perimeter of each tortilla using reserved Guacamole.

4. Cut 1/2-inch circle from center of each Babybel cheese, and reserve. Cut remaining cheese rings in half to be used for bodies and tails of serpents. Cut sliver from ring halves used for tails (this helps them stand up on their own). Cut small wedges from cheese circles (from centers of Babybels) to make serpent heads.

5. Cut small dots from Cheddar cheese slices using drinking straw; adhere dots to bodies and tails of serpents with dabs of Guacamole.

6. Cut radish into small horn shapes and round eyes with sharp paring knife. Adhere to top of serpent head with dabs of Guacamole. Press sesame seeds into serpent mouth for fangs and over radish eyes for eyebrows. Place heads, bodies, and tails in centers of tortillas to look like serpents, using Guacamole to glue to tortilla, if necessary. Poke a few small holes in tortilla with skewer or tip of paring knife. Insert rosemary sprigs into holes, using small dabs of Guacamole as glue, if necessary.

Nutrition Information

  • Serving Size: 1/2 swamp
  • Calories: 233
  • Carbohydrate Content: 23 g
  • Cholesterol Content: 10 mg
  • Fat Content: 13 g
  • Fiber Content: 5 g
  • Protein Content: 8 g
  • Saturated Fat Content: 3 g
  • Sodium Content: 352 mg
  • Sugar Content: 1 g