Veg-Friendly Brewery: Sanctuary Brewing Co.

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Sanctuary Brewing Company is not only dedicated to producing totally vegan and vegetarian small-batch, high-quality beers, but they’re also passionate about supporting animals.

The Grub

One way they’re planning on helping animals is by offering a meatless food menu. Bold, full-flavored plant “meats” that are environmentally friendly are produced by No Evil Foods. Taco Tuesdays with meat-free tacos and a plant-based jerky are two of the possibilities in the works. They’ll also be serving Roots Hummus, which is whipping up unique varieties such as Mango Sriracha, Lima Beans, Thai Coconut Curry, and Spinach.

A local food vendor will provide a BBQ Tempeh Sandwich, served with two vegan sides. Brunch with Ollie takes place on Sunday. Their pet potbelly pig is the guest of honor, while you can enjoy bagels with vegan cream cheese and beer specials.

The Animals

To bring these events to life, Sanctuary Brewing will be be working with local animal advocacy groups, including Full Circle Farm Sanctuary, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and Blue Ridge Humane Society. Just a few of plans in the works: Adoptable pet nights, co-branding t-shirts and other items (and splitting proceeds to fund advocacy work), and Yoga with Cats on Sundays featuring adoptable kittens and cats. Leashed, friendly animals are always welcome at these events.

Beer & Food Pairing

Co-owner Lisa McDonald selected a few Vegetarian Times dishes that would go great with their beers:

Mixed Vegetable Masala with Hop Pig (IPA) 

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"This sounds amazing and would pair wonderfully with our IPA," Lisa says. Get the recipe.

Raw Cashew Cheesecake with Weekend Joe (Coffee Stout)

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"While Weekend Joe Coffee Stout isn't strictly a dessert beer," says Lisa,  "I do love it with vegan vanilla ice cream and a bit of root beer on a hot day.  At home we do a lot of nut milks and cheeses, and I think the combo of this coffee stout with cashew/macadamia cheesecake would be phenomenal." Get the recipe.

Warm Brussels Sprouts and Fennel Vichyssoise with Hendo-Weisse (Berliner Weisse)

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"Hendo-Weisse is probably our smoothest flagship beer, and therefore the easiest to pair," says Lisa. "That said, this would be remarkable together." Get the recipe.

Sanctuary Brewing Company, 147 First Avenue East, Hendersonville, NC