A Vegetarian Hits the Road!

Victoria Holder, of Victoria's Creative Kitchen, is traveling in a minivan in Europe with her husband. Watch how she makes this vegetarian soup while on the road!

Victoria Holder and her husband couldn’t afford to buy a home, so they bought a minibus instead “and spent a few months converting it into our dream home on wheels!” says Victoria, creator of Victoria’s Creative Kitchen on Facebook who likes to show how easy vegetarian cooking can be.

Now the couple are on the road (they left their UK homeland in October) and Victoria has a minimal kitchen—can she still prepare the food she and her husband love?

Victoria & Van Exterior[1].jpg

“When designing the camper we put a lot of emphasis on the cooking space, with plenty of room for herbs and spices,” she explians. “Although we couldn’t quite squeeze an oven in, I am enjoying finding creative ways to get around this.”

Victoria & Van Interior.jpg

Her goal is to spread the joy of good vegetarian food through beautiful photography and quirky videos. “I am always parking in a new setting, town or country with different ingredients at my finger tips, so you never know what you are going to see next!”

The couple are working their way down through Portugal stopping at national parks as well as the coast and cities. Up soon: Morocco.

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