Celebrate Vegan Month of Food This November


During November, more than 400 bloggers will write at least once each weekday for the Vegan Month of Food, a.k.a. VeganMoFo.

VeganMoFo bloggers have free rein on subject matter, provided it's vegan-related, but rest assured there will be recipes, photographs, restaurant reviews, and enough stories to fill a book--which is sort of the idea vegan chef and cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz had in mind when she first organized the event four years ago. "A bunch of us vegan bloggers were thinking about participating in National Novel Writing Month but realized that writing about food is much more fun," she says. "It made sense to write about things we were passionate about, like spatulas and pie."

Participants do not take the challenge lightly. This year, many planned content far in advance and shared their best ideas on the MoFo online discussion boards. Some highlights: eating vegan in remote little towns, learning to cook with strange new vegetables, creating menus from weekly CSA boxes, and taste-testing cookies.

"Some entries make me laugh, like when bloggers try to replicate a turkey cruelty-free-style, so we'll have everything from turkey-shaped stuffed bread to stuffed breasts of tofu," says Moskowitz. "But there's also a serious side to food writing. Many posts that stand out from previous years were about food and emotional connections, like veganizing your dad's favorite Sunday dinner, or just remembering pulling a beet from the ground as a child."

Anyone can join the blog roll by signing up before Nov. 2. Or simply follow along. If you don't have time to visit every blog, you can stay updated with regular roundups at veganmofo.wordpress.com.