Here's a fun fact: thanks to its high water content, the inside of a cucumber can be up to 20 degrees cooler than the temperature outside in a hot summer garden. In fact, we've found that this crisp, juicy veggie can stand up to just about any type of heat you toss its way, from spicy-hot chiles and ginger-laced dressings to intense blender speeds and broiler oven settings.

Nutritional Profile
1/2 cup unpeeled sliced cucumber contains the following:

8 calories
50 g water
5 g sugar
1.5 mg vitamin C
4 mcg folate

Know Your Cukes
Cucumber varieties are interchangeable in recipes, though certain types lend themselves better to certain dishes.

GARDEN, COMMON, OR FIELD-GROWN The familiar, year-round salad staple with a sweet, slightly citrusy flavor.

ENGLISH, HOTHOUSE, OR BURPLESS Longer, smoother, and greener than garden cucumbers; some chefs prefer these for their thin skin, small seeds, and mild flavor.

JAPANESE Long and bumpy, with a thin skin and delicate flavor.

KIRBY Shorty and bumpy; ideal for pickling.

LEMON Round, yellow heirloom variety that's gorgeous in salads and pickles.

PERSIAN Small, slender, and thin-skinned, with sweet flesh and small seeds.