Day 1: Kicking Off

Join associate editor Tami Fertig on a 7-day challenge to reset her sense of proper portions. Sign up to receive the daily challenge newsletters here and be sure to read the magazine story that inspired the challenge here.

So long mindless eating, hello VT’’s 7-Day Portion-Control Challenge! Wanna join me on an adventure to reset my sense of proper portions? Something tells me we’re all going to need a little support and guidance to stick this week out.

See, despite what you might expect from a VT editor, I don’’t always have model eating habits.  I can’t resist a craving for lasagna, mac and cheese, cupcakes, and cookies. If this stuff crosses my path, I will gobble it up.

But not this week. I’’m going to try my darndest to abstain from anything not on the VT meal plan. (Well, except maybe baby carrots. “Vegging out” is allowed.)

In the spirit of the challenge, I even bypassed free samples at the supermarket while picking up groceries yesterday (check out the printable shopping list!). It was surprisingly easy too. I simply ate lunch beforehand, packed walnuts for the road, and treated myself to a tasty green smoothie near the register. So far, so good!

My fridge is now packed with veggies of every shape and color. All I have to do is start cooking. (My plan is to assemble several casseroles today and freeze them for later in the week.) I’’m super-excited but also a little scared. On day one, I’’m supposed to limit myself to one wedge of luscious-sounding Tortilla Lasagna. Will I go back for seconds? Check back manana.

How about you, readers? Have you started the challenge? Join the chat with your stories, tips, questions, and concerns so far!

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