Day 3: Measuring Up


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On Day 2, I counted out and measured just about everything in sight. Not once did I approximate a tablespoon of oil or grab nuts straight from the bag.

Did you know a proper portion of pecan halves fits perfectly in your palm? I think I could probably eat three or four palmfuls in one sitting. Eye-opening stuff!

Sure, there’'s something less than glamorous about scooping a homemade meal into a measuring cup, but I did get a pleasant surprise come dinnertime: a cup of yummy Mac-and-Cheese-Style Cauliflower is a lot more filling than it sounds. I only regretted not having dessert afterward.

Still, none of this compares to the challenge I face today. It'’s recipe-testing day at the VT office; we're sampling five tasty recipes for an upcoming issue. It’'s my job to jot down scores and clean up the leftovers. (I often do this by eating them.) Should I sit this one out? No, can'’t neglect my duties. I'’ll just try limiting myself to a nibble of each.

Another random thought: While I loved bringing snacks and a veggie wrap to work yesterday, I had to get up extra-early to prepare them. I think I'’ll start doing this sort of thing the night before, so I can sleep in a little later.

What'’s everyone else’s biggest challenge so far? Chat about it!

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