First Dog Dilemma Breeds Hope for Shelter Pups

Now that we know who the next president will be, public attention has turned to the candidacy for First Dog. While President-elect Barack Obama promised a new puppy to his daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, upon their move into the White House, the Obamas are still on the prowl for just the right pup.

Here�s a debriefing on the situation.

Barack and Michele have expressed interest in adopting a shelter dog.

Because Malia Obama is allergic, the Obamas are looking for a �hyperallergenic� dog.

Allergists warn there�s no such thing as a truly �hyperallergenic� dog.

The Obamas worry they won�t be able to find a shelter or rescue dog that will work with Malia�s allergy. Barack stated, �Our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but obviously a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.�

�Yes you can,� bark animal adoption advocates across the nation.

After doing her own research, Malia wants a “goldendoodle,” a poodle/golden retriever blend that may or may not be low-shedding, depending on his or her adult coat.

The debate has put the virtues of pet adoption in the public spotlight and sparked a campaign to end puppy mill cruelty.

The Humane Society of the United States has posted an on-line Thank You card that’s collected over 5,000 signatures and will be delivered on Friday, November 21, 2008. To sign the card, click



Barack said in a 60 Minutes interview that the family will wait until they’re settled in the White House before making a choice.

Only time will tell what lucky pup will win the candidacy for First Dog, but there�s one thing the president-elect can count on: if he doesn�t make good on his puppy promise, he�s going to have to face some pretty big puppy-dog eyes and may even find himself in the dog house! We at VT wish the Obamas the best of luck in finding their new furry family member!