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Healthier High Holidays

Jewish New Year favorites made deliciously guilt-free
Healthier High Holidays

The High Holidays are a time of reflection, renewal, reunions with friends and family, and, let's face it, food. Trouble is, traditional dishes like your grandmother's chopped liver and Aunt Susie's stuffed cabbage aren't exactly veg-friendly, and sweet treats like kugel (noodle pudding) and rugalach tend to tip the scales calorie-wise. We've come up with veg versions of four High Holidays classics that are light enough for every day (Mock Chopped Liver makes a great sandwich spread) but taste rich enough for a celebration. Best of all, you won't feel a shred of guilt as you help yourself to seconds!

Noodle Kugel with Caramelized Apples and Raisins (pictured)

Sephardic Stuffed Cabbage

Mock Chopped Liver

Chocolate Apricot Rugalach