Ice Cream Social

For a taste of good old-fashioned fun, host a homemade ice cream party
Ice Cream Social

Here's a cool way to chill out on a hot summer day: treat friends to an afternoon of sweet, creamy indulgence; stock up on an assortment of cones, float-friendly sodas, and fresh berries; then whip up some fabulous frozen delights, from the creamiest homemade vanilla ice cream to a deep, dark chocolate-caramel sorbet. You can even turn your social into a potluck by inviting guests to bring their favorite toppings to share.

What to drink
Ice water is the perfect thirst quencher when eating something sweet. Fruit-flavored sodas and root beer offer guests the opportunity to improvise ice cream floats. And there's always chilled sparkling wine to cleanse your palate between frozen treats.