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News from the Vegosphere


March 9, 2009

Landmark legislation: BPA banned in Suffolk County, NY. 

Consumers Union

Is your city among them? EPA releases a list of 25 cities with the largest number of energy-efficient buildings in 2008.

Will it grow on you? Biodegradable chair not only supports you but also live mushrooms.

Tree Hugger

World’s first zero emissions research station opens in Antarctica.

Tree Hugger

Rock on: Madden twins team with Denny's to add vegetarian and vegan burritos to Denny's Rock Star menu. 

Vegetarian Star

The Great White Way goes green: Broadway sets and props slated for recycling.

Patriotic duty: President Obama asks for input from vegetarians. 

Vegetariar Star

Introducing "Jolt": New character based on Chevy's all-electric Volt featured in Transformers sequel. 


—VT Editors