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News from the Vegosphere


May 5, 2009

Paying for packaging: Chemical in food wrapping detected in human blood.

Save a tree: Banana crop waste in Africa can be turned into burnable briquettes for fuel.

Karma? Exotic pet trade harbors hidden costs, raises disease risks.

Her vegetarianism gets spotlighted: Stella McCartney named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2009.,28804,1894410_1893837_1893829,00.html

Truth in labeling: Farm Sanctuary issues report evaluating animal welfare claims by agribusiness and food retailers.

Reprieve for wildlife: Obama revokes Bush administration ruling that once undermined the Endangered Species Act.

Another reason to ditch water bottles: PET plastics may harbor hormone disrupters.

Window on the future? Energy-efficiency standard set on all energy-related household goods, including showerheads and windows, sold in the European Union.

‘Green’ Apple: New York City officials announce plans to require buildings to be more energy efficient.

Royalties slated for charity: UK’s Prince Charles has an eco book and documentary film in the works.

—VT Editors