Pack and Go Green

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Pack and Go Green

Let's face it, moving is never fun. The
prospect of sorting through belongings
and packing box after box can raise
anyone's stress levels. Then there's the
stress on the environment: Tossing things
makes for trash, and moving stuff from
here to there uses up natural resources
and energy. But if you'll be moving this
summer—it's prime moving season—we've got tips to make the experience at
least more eco-friendly.
First, lessen your impact on landfills
by donating to Goodwill Industries, the
Salvation Army, or your neighborhood
thrift store. Or recycle goods through or You can also
try hosting a yard sale or selling items
on eBay or craigslist.

As for boxes, ask friends, coworkers,
and local supermarkets for extras you
can reuse. sells recycled,
unbleached boxes, while UsedCardboardBoxes.
com rescues slightly used
boxes from businesses and new but
misprinted ones from box manufacturers.
Rentacrate ( and
Southern California—based EarthFriendlyMoving
lease reusable plastic moving crates.
To keep your items safely cushioned in
transit, EarthFriendlyMoving also sells
compostable RecoCubes, and U-Haul
( offers a biodegradable
corn-and-potato-starch alternative to
petroleum-based Styrofoam peanuts.

If you need help moving, consider
hiring an eco-friendly moving company,
such as California's Go Green Moving
Solutions ( If
you're doing it yourself, it's cheaper and
greener to hire a van for one trip than to
employ your car for several.