Pop Sensations

Homemade frozen treats are healthful ways to beat the heat
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Pop Sensations

This morning my 3-year-old had an ice pop for breakfast. It was
already 80°F in the shade and he asked politely. I said OK, and
then reached into the freezer for a homemade ice pop made from
berries puréed with a hint of juice. He started his day with a serving
of fruit. I started my day guilt-free.

"An ice pop made with fruit is naturally sweet and provides
carbohydrates for energy," explains American Dietetic Association
spokesperson Melinda Johnson,
RD. "Kids see them as a special
treat, which helps get their
attention away from sugary
snacks." On a hot day, ice pops
are also a good way to rehydrate
overheated small fries
who've been running around in
the sun—the cold treat is a lot
more enticing than water.

Children love to watch the
blender transform fruit into silky
liquid, so turn your pop session
into a family affair. "Fixing ice
pops is fast and fun, and it
teaches a science lesson about
liquids and solids," says Johnson.
And once they're made you've
got icy refreshment on hand any
time of the day.

Triple Berry Pops (pictured)


Peaches-and-Cream Pops