Taste Test: VT Editor Gives Jason Mraz's Chocomole Two Thumbs Up!


After building the VT webpage for Jason Mraz�s Chocomole recipe�part of my job as Web Editor�I couldn�t wait to find the time to whip up a batch!�

Truth be told, if I was packing for a trip into outer space and could only bring three things, they would be chocolate, avocados, and my husband. So, as soon as I stumbled upon ripe avocados at my local market, I ran around town like a crazy woman scavenging for the other two ingredients I didn�t already have in my kitchen: raw cocoa and dates

Ten bucks poorer, but rich with anticipation, I was ready to get cookin��or uncookin��I should say, since this is a raw dessert. While Mraz prefers Italian, Flamenco, or Reggae to put �a bounce over the cutting board,� I opted to rock out to some good old Grateful Dead tunes. I set my laptop on the counter, pulled up the recipe page, and got going.

His simple directions made the process a breeze and brought back childhood memories of making mud pies with my hands. Since I don�t own a kitchen mixer, I enlisted my husband to help with the stirring. When the Chocomole reached the right texture, we snuck a taste. Even at room temperature, it was phenomenal�avocado gone decadent.

It was time to pack the pudding neatly back into the avocado-bowls and top each with a few fresh raspberries. This part was a lot more fun than I expected, like wrapping a present you know you get to eat.

Hours later, after dinner, it was time to dig in. By this time, the desserts had chilled in their bowls. I tasted a spoonful. Two words adequately describe the experience: Holy Chocomole! This stuff is good.

For the recipe, click here.

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