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Top 10 Things to do at


1. Search our library of 10,000 recipes.

2. Watch a video of a gourmet, vegan chef preparing a mouth-watering Mushroom Strudel.

3. Read the Editors’ Picksof top stories.

4. Get two free trial issuesof Vegetarian Times magazine plus a free gift!

5. Download our free Vegetarian Starter Kit, a beautiful, 16-page guide to help you jump-start your vegetarian lifestyle.

6. Tell VT: Respond to our question of the month, see what others have to say, and maybe even get your answer published in the next issue of Vegetarian Times magazine.

7. Get answers to medical questions from expert Dr. Neal Barnard.

8. Sign up for an inspirational, weekly E-newsletter written by Vegetarian Times food editor Mary Margaret and receive recipes of the week in your inbox.

9. Use our Ingredient Substitution Guide to alter any recipe to fit your needs.

10. Get practical, everyday Eco Tips.

--Jolia Sidona Allen, Associate Editor/Web Editor