VT's 21-Day Lunch Challenge: Day 15

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What’s for lunch?Open-Face Tomato-Basil Sandwiches

Smart Bite: Write it out! Writing can help you process your thoughts and gain valuable insights or even therapeutic catharsis. Try writing in a journal for 10 minutes a day during your lunch break. In need of an inspirational new blank book to journal in? Check out the super-cute and eco-friendly Turn Over A New Leaf notebook by Sukie, made from recycled papers.

Experiencing writer's block? Choose a quote from a great thinker or favorite author—or even a favorite fortune cookie message—and reflect on its application to your current life. Or, try writing a "letter" to yourself or to someone else that you never intend to mail. Remember, there's no need to edit or sensor your writing, the goal is simply to keep your pen or pencil moving. Or, if writing in a journal just isn't for you, spend 10 minutes writing an overdue email or card to a family member or friend instead.

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