VT's 21-Day Lunch Challenge: Day 8

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Smart Bite: Go on an “information diet.”

There’s no denying that we’re bombarded by information all day long, but did you ever stop to think that too much information might be bogging down your brain and reducing your productivity? Professional triathlete Brendan Brazier recommends going on an “information diet.” “It’s really what it sounds like—limiting the amount of info you get. Information is useless unless it’s applied. It’s taking up space in your brain and slowing you down,” says Brazier. How do you start? Brazier suggests finding an empty room, an outdoor space, or, if you can’t escape your cubicle, just turning off the computer monitor and closing your eyes. “Sit with the information you have,” he says. You may feel reluctant at first, but go with it. “It feels like you are pushing a pause button and taking a break from everything around you,” says Brazier. “You are stepping out of the world, but it’s a sideways step that allows you to make use of the information you already have and be more productive.”




"One on One with Brendan Brazier,"

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Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide


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