Welcome to the Virtual VT Lunchroom!

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Have you decided to take us up on our 21-day brown-bag plan to make lunch hour the healthiest hour of your day? If so, we want to be there to inspire and support you throughout the challenge.

We’ll be dishing out daily doses of Smart Bites right here on the VT Editors’ Blog from May 10-May 30. Be sure to rate your lunch and weigh in on the tip of the day too!

The virtual VT Lunchroom—the very blog that you are reading right now!—is the place where you can leave comments on how the challenge is going for you, see what others have to say, ask questions, and exchange tips and tricks.

So don’t be shy … we want to hear from you! Comment below.

Click here to visit the main page of VT’s 21-Day Lunch Challenge.