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Always Tired? Take this Quiz to Uncover Hidden Causes of Fatigue

Constant fatigue isn’t normal. The good news? There could be relief in sight.

You wake up feeling groggy. Your morning jog feels harder than it used to. Flights of stairs leave you out of breath, and you’re having trouble concentrating. It’s not for lack of sleep and it sure  isn’t for lack of coffee. So what’s going on?

Chronic tiredness or fatigue can feel debilitating. It can also be easy to dismiss, or blame on things like work or other stressors in our lives. But if you’ve been feeling inexplicably tired for more than a few weeks, there could be a real medical cause—and a real treatment that could bring you serious relief.   

The sources of chronic tiredness can be hard to pinpoint, but a few key clues can help. 

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