What the New Moon in Leo Means For You

The darkest night of Leo season brings an opportunity to connect with your deepest desires and internal fires

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When the new Moon in Leo takes place on July 28th, our hearts expand and our truths reveal themselves. Leo represents a passage home to our hearts. The new Moon is a time of inspiration and imagination. It is an energetic reset, when we have the opportunity to start anew. It’s a time to dream, to see a new reality.

The Leo new Moon is the time to feel who you are, feel who you want to become, and accept every aspect of yourself. It’s a time to express your deepest desires and lead yourself forward from your heart. This energy does not want you to play small. It wants you to take up space and reach your highest potential.

What Leo signifies in astrology

As a fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo helps us sustain our internal fire. It helps us create vibrations and energies that replenish our life force. Leo helps us connect to the very source of our energy. It reminds us that our healing and restoration come from within. We do not need to seek these things outside ourselves. We simply need to return to our hearts and feel the things that help generate and maintain our life force.

A key aspect of working with the energy of Leo is to simply be yourself. Being and showing up as yourself, though, can feel intimidating. Leo encourages us to be vulnerable. This vibration helps us open up and reveal our true selves to the world. Align with Leo’s frequency to feel the person you’ve always been and the person you know you were born to be. What do you love doing? What excites you? What makes you smile? What makes you feel alive? These answers are for you and you alone to know about yourself. How can you align with the person you are in your heart? Let these answers govern your day.

Once you have a firm understanding of who you are, it’s time to show this person to the world. This is where vulnerability comes into the Leo equation. It can feel terrifying and confronting to express your true self. Many people find it challenging to share their heart and soul with others. Leo, though, teaches you that a true leader can wrestle with feelings of vulnerability and overcome them to stand in their truth in front of everyone. Great leaders are not without fear. They simply know how to coexist with what scares them the most instead of letting it control them. True leaders let fear move them forward to a new level of existence, holding their heads high each step of the way.

As you work with Leo’s energy this season, feel the leader within you. Ask yourself what makes you feel vulnerable or insecure. Ask yourself where you fear rejection the most. These are the places where you’re most likely hiding your truth. These are the places where you may not be fully expressing yourself. When we are scared of what others will think of us, we hide. No one likes to be rejected. And it can sometimes feel easier to pretend to be someone else instead of facing disapproval.

Living outside your true self only undermines your heart, however. It takes away from the joy of life and replaces happy feelings with shame and guilt. Living outside your truth is not sustainable and will never bring fulfillment or contentment to your life. If you desire to live in higher frequencies of love, acceptance, happiness, and gratitude, it’s crucial for you to live in your authentic truth and be yourself in all circumstances.

Ask your heart if it needs anything to heal. Is there a wound or an old pain that is causing you to shrink away from your radiance? Leo’s energy can show you where you need to heal and trust life again. Perhaps you’ve taken a chance in the past and been yourself only to be rejected. This old pain can cause a disconnection from your heart. It can subconsciously encourage you to stay small and unseen for fear of rejection occurring again.

What the new Moon in Leo means for you

The new Moon in Leo offers an opportunity to take a chance and reveal yourself once again with a new foundation of love and complete acceptance of yourself. As you commit to accepting yourself, no matter what unfolds, give yourself permission to reach your potential and take risks needed to align with your most brilliant self. Along with uncovering subconscious wounds, this new Moon also uncovers layers that teach you about who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Again, be honest with yourself. What do you really want out of life? What reminds you of why you love to be alive? The Universe cannot give us what we cannot admit to ourselves.

It’s important to remember that the Universe does not respond to contracting energy. If you are holding yourself back or keeping yourself small, the energies you need to grow won’t come easily. It’s also important to remember that sometimes the situations that you need to grow and reach your potential will be difficult to process. While they may arrive easily to you, they may not be what you consciously want. Be open this New Moon to any energy coming your way that helps you align with your truth and potential, even if it brings a less-than-desirable path. Keep aligning with and committing to your joy. Know that even the most difficult journeys will pass and you will be one step closer to the person you were born to be this lifetime.

On this New Moon, be clear about your deepest desires. There’s no need to limit yourself and your potential. Even if it seems farfetched or impossible, state it if it’s what you want. Even if you feel like it’s a crazy idea or people will think you’re crazy, state it. Even if it feels too big for you, state it. This is not a New Moon to shrink your intentions. It’s one to make them bigger, brighter, and more aligned with your heart than ever before.

Before writing your intentions, feel your connection with your life force and higher Self—the one who is beyond the limitations of your ego. How strong is this connection, and what strengthens it? What makes you feel alive, and what inspires true joy in your heart? Be honest with yourself, and even if it feels vulnerable, let your heart speak.

The Leo New Moon means it is a powerful time to align with your most authentic self. On any new Moon, we want to align with the main energy of the cosmos as much as possible to feel that frequency within us and use it to discover hidden energies within. This new Moon in Leo is the time to declare who you are both to yourself and the Universe. It’s an opportunity to decide what parts of yourself are ready for the world to see. Give yourself permission to be your most authentic self and decide what that means to you.

As you journey through this season, connect with your joy. Do things that brighten your energy and remind you about what you love most in this world. These activities can be big or small, but allow them to be a priority above your daily obligations and commitments. If you feel like spontaneously dancing in the rain, staying up till 3 a.m. laughing with a friend, or taking the day off to do something you love, do it—and do it with your whole heart.

It’s important to remember that joy is not just about simple pleasures. It’s about what connects you to the center of your higher Self and your very reason for being alive. The veil between the conscious and subconscious is lowered on the New Moon. See this opening as an opportunity to feel your deepest joys.

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