How to Build a Beautiful Grilled Vegetable Snack Platter

An abundant array of summer's best flavors, all on one fun snacking board

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A casual day in the backyard with friends and family is just better with a snack platter. What sets this grilled vegetable platter apart is the addition of colorful, in-season produce and grilled elements, bread for dipping, and a selection of excellent accompaniments.

With a few easy presentation tricks, you can transform a run-of-the-mill veggie plate into an eye-catching, Instagram-worthy platter brimming with seasonal gems. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Place foods that can leak into small bowls or ramekins and place them first on platter. Make your own pesto or use a pre-made option.

2. Display cheeses along the perimeter of the platter. Consider both hard and soft cheeses or your favorite dairy-free alternatives. Slice or cube hard cheeses for easier serving. Other varieties, such as a cheddar block, can be crumbled.

3. Fan out whole-grain crackers and/or grilled flatbread slices.

4. Add seasonal vegetables. Cut them into a variety of shapes for interest (such as sticks and rounds), and aim for a mix of raw and grilled vegetables.

5. Fill areas with fruit. You can use different colors as well as a combination of fresh and dried fruit. Look for heirloom tomatoes in an array of colors.

6. Use salted nuts to fill any empty spaces on platter.

7. Add basil leaves, greens, or even flowers for a pop of color.

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