10 Questions with The Skinny Chef

"Skinny" chef and culinary instructor Jennifer Iserloh explains why she loves cleanses and teaching others just how easy it is to cook clean and lean.

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We caught up with Chef Jennifer Iserloh, author of 50 Shades of Kale and Healthy Cheats, for a quick chat. Jennifer, also known as The Skinny Chef, is passionate about helping people discover how easy it is to eat healthfully and still enjoy flavorful, delicious food. 

Q: What inspired you to become “The Skinny Chef”?

A: I grew up in a family who just loved food, and we certainly struggled with our weight. Once I started cooking for myself in my 20s, I lost 30 pounds, in under a year, just cooking at home. After that, I went to culinary school to follow my dream to become a chef. When I worked in NYC restaurants, the other cooks used to tease me and call me skinny chef, and then my husband had the idea to help me start at blog to keep in touch with friends, and voila! Skinny Chef was born!

Q: What is the best part about your job?

A: Everything! I love creating and testing recipes. I enjoy writing. I love cooking. I’ve always been a creative person, but was stuck in a very uncreative, administrative job. Once I went to culinary school, I realized that it was the chance to do something creative as a career, something I really loved.

Q: What is the hardest part about your job?

A: The hours. Writing cookbooks, doing videos, and testing is a full-time job. I work about 60-70 hours a week, but I do love it, so it’s all worth it.

Q: Tell us your best kitchen tip.

A: I love to make noodles out of veggies when I need to cut back after a restaurant splurge the day before. Experimenting with spices and herbs is a real passion of mine, and you’ll see some amazing (funky) detox drinks in the Gentle Cleanse program that use spices in unique ways, like vanilla bean, turmeric, and black pepper, using savory or spicy ingredients even in desserts.

Q: What’s your favorite dish to make healthy that’s traditionally bad for you?

A: Definitely fries, and I adore mayo, I make a killer chipotle mayo.

Q: How do you eat healthfully on vacation?

A: I do a lot of salads and seafood if I want protein. I also pack superfood snacks like apples, nut butter, nuts, and even dressed kale.

Q: What’s your best time-saving advice for cooking healthfully?

A: Always have a prewashed bag of organic greens on hand. They can be the base of many meals and dressed and sauced a million ways. They are also the freshest and most potent detox foods around.

Q: Why do you think cleanses are a good idea?

A: To boost your energy and give you that “rested” fresh feeling.

Q: How do you personally stay motivated on a cleanse?

A: Prepping ahead so I can reach into the fridge and grab leftover salad, soup or a veggie dish. I even like to eat them cold.

Q: What’s the best feedback you’ve got from someone who completed a cleanse?

A: The taste of the soups and many of the dishes don’t seem like detox – they are just plain delish!

Jennifer Iserloh brings her expertise and creativity to our new course, Gentle Cleanse, a 7-day detox and 3-week meal plan that will help you make lifelong changes that enable you to feel and look your best. Want to cleanse without going hungry? Sign up now, and use the code CLEANSE25 for $25 off.

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