One On One with Lisa Bloom

Veg living powers this high-energy legal eagle

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As managing partner of the Los Angeles law practice The Bloom Firm, Lisa Bloom has garnered a reputation as a tough-as-nails advocate for civil rights and a fierce champion of family law. And as an outspoken legal analyst for CNN and CBS, she’s won fans, and earned critics, for her hard-hitting takes on daily headlines. But at the home she shares with two rescue dogs, the 49-year-old marathon runner specializes in adventurous vegan cooking.

Q What do you say to people who think you can’t perform well as a marathon runner on a plant-based diet?

A I think it’s just the opposite. I credit my vegan diet with giving me plenty of energy, and I also eat frequently throughout the day. I eat healthful food whenever I’m hungry. There’s no magic to it. I eat a lot of delicious, vitamin-rich foods, like purple cabbage, red chard, bell peppers, tomatoes, and kale andâ?¨other leafy greens.

Q Any tips for great vegan cooking?

A Fresh herbs, definitely. Last night I was making a warm lentil and beet salad. I found some fresh thyme, tossed it in the salad, and it was great. Always have fresh herbs on hand, and when you add them to your cooking, it’s going to be good.

Q You’re not afraid of a tough fight, judging from your legal cases and TV appearances. Have â?¨you ever been involved in an animal-rights case?

A I haven’t, but I would love to. One thing that really bothers me right now is seeing those signs all â?¨over California about â??happy cowsâ? [for Real California Milk]. They show rolling green hills and blue skies, with the tagline, â??Happy cows come from California.â? People think that the cows all have wonderful, happy lives. In my view, as a lawyer, that’s misleading advertising.

Q You’ve traveled all over the world for both work and play, from Nicaragua to Fiji to China. How do you maintain a vegan regimen on the road, especially in more exotic destinations?

A When I travel, one of the first phrases I learn, after â??helloâ? and â??thank you,â? is â??I am a vegetarian.â? India is by far the best place to go if you’re vegetarian or vegan. I did a yoga retreat in southern India for two weeks, and every meal was a buffet with 23 vegetarian dishes that were all different and amazing. â?¨I was in heaven. And in China and Japan, you can have tofu dishes. Some airlines do offer really great vegan meals, particularly the Asian carriers. Still, I always pack plenty of Larabars and Trio bars in my suitcase.

Q There’s a â??Lisa Bloom (CNN Anchor) Is a Vegetarianâ? thread at How does that make you feel?

A [Laughs] Well, that’s very sweet. A lot of what I say on the air is hard-hitting and controversial. I’m called upon to be the tough lawyer. But I really am a marshmallow. A vegan marshmallow, that is. Not the gelatin kind.