Create a Soothing and Sexy Vegan Bedroom with These Buys

An intimate guide to animal-free, eco-minded products

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A sexy vegan bedroom may seem like an odd concept, but there are real matters to consider: is your mattress and bedding vegan? Have you ever considered whether your vibrators are vegan? I have done the research for you, and have some recommendations for how to create the sexy vegan bedroom of your dreams.

Make Your Bed

The first step to having a sexy vegan bedroom is, of course, your bed. A good night’s sleep is essential to a sexy life and good health, and the Avocado vegan mattress is worth the investment. Organic, non-toxic, “climate-neutral,” and totally vegan, I can attest that ever since I started sleeping on it, my back and neck have been much happier, and my sleep solid.

You’re going to want to have some luxurious sheets to go with a nice mattress, and Pact’s Organic Favorite Tee Sheets feel like sleeping in, well, your favorite jersey tee-shirt. I have them in a plant-like green, which goes well with these soft and adorable Green Philosophy Co succulent pillows. Every purchase of one of these pillows plants trees, which makes them even cuter.

Now you’re going to need a few books to stack on the nightstand. Reading is most definitely sexy, and there are a few brand-new books by verified vegan authors I recommend for your bedroom: the powerful memoir Beautiful Country; the important and inspiring Anitracism in Animal Advocacy; and my own forthcoming, very sexy, vegan memoir, Open.

Vegan Vibes

In my opinion, no toy out there today beats the unfortunately-but-accurately-named Womanizer. Their newest product, the Womanizer Eco vibe, is just like their classic toy, but made entirely of recycled materials. If you want to feel less guilty about the environmental footprint of your reliable orgasm, this is your toy. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper but also innovative, the Zalo Bess massager is powerful, quiet, easy to use in a variety of positions, and beautifully designed. WeVibe’s new Touch X is better than its former iterations, and also makes a great option for clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. All three options are vegan bedroom friendly, using no animal materials in their production.

To clean up, try the Uvee sanitizing sex toy box. It took me years to invest in one, but once I did, I was so glad. The box fits a surprising amount of toys — upwards of eight – and can be used for a hygienic and compact storage when not being used to sanitize.  You can also use this for sterilizing non-toy items like your your glasses and phone.

CBD Chill-Out

Hello Again Suppositories, which are infused with THC and CBD, won’t get your mind high, but they will make your body feel fantastic. While they are marketed to people going through menopause, these vegan suppositories made me feel aroused, lubricated, and very relaxed. I highly recommend these.

Finally, as you wind down for the night, this Balan’s Labs Vegan CBD-Infused Lotion smells of sweet dreams, and makes a wonderful moisturizer before bed. Use it for post-coital massage, or rub some on your chest before going to sleep and you’ll drift off to the natural scent of lavender. And if you have trouble sleeping, the vegan Kin Slips Shut Eye strips with CBD and CBN are the only thing that’s worked for my migraines and occasional insomnia.

Another sexy vegan day, complete.


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