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March 4, 2008

OK, you’re reading this blog, which means you’ve embraced the technology that computers have to offer. Like a TV, your PC or Mac can be a positive or a not-so-positive way to spend your time; the information gained can be brain-numbing, highly enlightening, or something in-between (hopefully, our blog is one of the latter).

The great difference between computers and television is the interactive factor. Computers and the Internet give us the ability to be actively involved users. With a simple click of the mouse, and seconds of our time (possibly while waiting for a video to buffer or a site to load) we can actually help someone else, without even leaving the comfort of our chairs.   

A click-to-give site is one place you can get involved. There you can get an instant natural high by giving every day. One Web site makes it easy by encompassing six worthy causes in one place. You can help feed the hungry, protect rain forests, provide books for poor children, and provide food and care for rescue animals.  

As an added bonus, the site was recently improved with the addition of tabs at the top, which makes it even easier for people to click and give.

You can access this multi click-to-give site by using any of these URLs: theanimalrescuesite.com, thehungersite.com, thebreastcancersite.com, therainforestsite.com, theliteracysite.com, and thechildhealthsite.com.  And if you’re well-meaning, but forgetful, you can opt to sign up for a daily reminder.

Clicking turns into donations because the ads displayed on the site are paid for by sponsors. For more info on which charities receive the benefits of your effort, go to each site … and click away.

—Gabrielle Harradine, Assistant Editor