Photo: Kana Okada

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Want to grow your own edible flowers this summer? Here’s a list of easy-to-grow blooms plus cooking suggestions beyond just tossing in salads or garnishing desserts.

Flower Bachelor buttons
Flavor Very mild
Uses Garnish soups, desserts

Flower Begonia
UsesSteam with veggies or chop and add to salads

Flower Borage
UsesChop for salads and sauces

Flower Calendula
FlavorBitter, spicy
UsesAdd petals to omelets; use whole to flavor soups and rice dishes

Flower Chive blossoms
FlavorStrong and oniony
UsesUse whole blossoms as garnish

Flower Chrysanthemum
FlavorMild to peppery
UsesStir petals into soups, dips, and cooked veggies

Flower Dandelion
FlavorBittersweet with a hint of honey
UsesAdd whole flowers to cooked vegetables; stir petals and flowers into bean dishes

Flower Fuchsia
UsesCook stems and leaves like spinach; add blooms to salads

Flower Herb flowers (rosemary, oregano, dill, fennel, parsley, basil, etc.)
FlavorMost have milder flavors than the herbs themselves
UsesPinch off blooms and use to garnish hot and cold dishes

Flower Hibiscus
UsesSteep in liquids for drinks and desserts; float in punch bowls

UsesSteep in liquids for drinks and desserts

Flower Marigold (Tagetes erecta)
FlavorSlightly bitter
UsesAdd petals to yogurt, pasta sauces, and flavored butters

Flower Nasturtium
UsesAdd whole or chopped to pasta and vegetable dishes

Flower Pansy
FlavorMild, sweet-tart
UsesUse on cakes and desserts

UsesAdd petals to jams and vinaigrettes; candy blossoms for desserts

Flavor Sweet and fragrant
UsesCandy petals for desserts, float petals in drinks

FlowerSquash or zucchini blossoms
FlavorA mild version of the vegetables
UsesStuff with cheese and herbs and fry; add whole to omelets

Uses Steam or sauté buds; add chopped petals to purées

FlowerVegetable flowers (broccoli, carrot, etc.)
FlavorStrong and sometimes spicy
UsesLarger flowers can be battered and fried; smaller ones are best for raw dishes and garnishes

FlavorFloral and sweet
UsesSteep flowers in syrup for ice cream and jellies; candy for desserts