Q&A with Truth on Earth

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Truth on Earth is an inspiring trio composed of three vegan sisters: Serena, 20; Kiley, 18; and Tess, 16. Their lyrics promote awareness on issues such as factory farming, global warming, and starvation. What’s even more rockin’? These girls donate 70 percent of their profits to non-profit organizations such as Animal Acres. Here, these upbeat young women take a time-out from their mission to chat with VT.

VT: Who or what inspired you and your sisters to become vegetarians? 

Tess: We have never eaten meat because our parents raised us vegan. It’s been a great experience for us. We love cooking for and sharing vegan food with family and friends. We’re actually in the middle of writing a vegan cookbook with our mom. We veganize traditional recipes that our parents grew up with but with a unique twist.

VT: Kiley, what inspired you to start your own baking business?

Kiley: I always loved cooking and baking. As a toddler, I would bake with my parents. My dad is an entrepreneur and always encouraged us to start our own businesses. Serena makes and sells jewelry, and Tess has a vegan soap business.

VT: What advice do you have for high schoolers and kids who want to make a difference but don’t know how they can be proactive?

Serena: First, visit the “Take Action” page on our website. There, each of our songs has an “Action” page pertaining to problems like starvation and factory farming. Second, simply go vegan. This makes a huge difference in the world. It reduces animal suffering and wasted resources such as food and water. Third, see if there are any school clubs that you can join, like a recycling club or a club that raises money for a cause that you care about.

VT: How do you eat great veg food while you are touring on the road?

Serena: We have a 36-foot RV with a kitchen. Last year we travelled to 28 states to spread our music and mission. It was pretty easy; we shopped at different farmers’ markets, co-ops, and Whole Foods. With the tremendous growth of vegetarianism and veganism in recent years, even supermarkets like Ralphs offer many veg-friendly products.

VT: What is your all-time favorite thing to cook?

Serena: Spanish rice with peppers, tomatoes, and onions and Kiley’s chocolate cupcakes.
Kiley: Szechuan teriyaki pan-fried tofu wrapped in iceberg lettuce.
Tess: I live off Kiley’s desserts, especially her pumpkin pie.

To learn more about Truth on Earth and to listen to their music go to: Truthonearth.com.

—Anna Monette Roberts, Editorial Assistant