Lizzo, a Treasure, Delights TikTok with Her Vegan Food Videos

Move over, boring TV chefs. Lizzo's plant-based food and cooking videos are all we want to watch.

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Has anyone done more to help us love ourselves than Lizzo? Her messages of body positivity and self-love have kept me going on countless occasions, and, over the last year and a half, the pop star, songwriter, flutist, and TikTok influencer added plant-based recipe developer to her resume of incredible talent. And the rumors are true: Lizzo is vegan.

After eating a vegetarian diet for seven years, the performer went vegan in April, 2020 – and ever since she’s been championing the notion that plant-based food can be indulgent and satisfying to her 19.6 million and counting TikTok followers. The pop star’s eat-alongs, ‘what I eat in a day,’ and recipe posts are irreverent, hilarious, and fun as hell, and her videos give us a little bit of everything: ASMR crunching, Lizzo’s soothing voice, nail inspo, and plant-based, fire recipes that seem comfortingly achievable.

Here are five times when vegan TikToks from Lizzo made us drool on our phones:

Carrot Hot Dog
“Move over cauliflower, you bitch. Carrot is the new it girl for the summer,” Lizzo proclaimed in June before sharing a carrot-tastic feast, including a Moroccan-salad-inspired carrot dip (another TikTok recipe), juice, and the stunner, carrot hot dogs. The singer marinated and boiled carrots in a “hot doggy type sauce” and then seared them before adding them to buns to make carrot dogs. Bonus: You can (and probably should) buy a carrot hot dog shirt from Lizzo’s online store. Eat it while listening to: Juice – Lizzo


CARROTS ARE THE NEW IT GIRL U HEARD IT HERE FIRST, DOC! Carrot dip inspired by @lahbco

♬ Carrots – Pomsky

Brussel Sprout Nachos
From Lizzo’s daydreams comes brussel sprout nachos, with walnut meat (a blend of “walnuts, onions, peppers, a bunch of seasonings, liquid smoke” blitzed in a food processor), an ooey gooey semi-homemade queso, and salsa over air-fried brussels. It’s messy, and it’s perfect, like a great love story. But do yourself a favor, and eat it with chips. Eat it while listening to: Cuz I Love You – Lizzo


Nah this was delicious… Brussels nachos 😜

♬ original sound – lizzo

Nature’s Cereal
The combination of pomegranate seeds, berries, and coconut water came to TikTok care of user @natures_food, but Lizzo helped rocket it to a full-blown trend. In back-to-back posts, Lizzo first shares the recipe in a super soothing voice and then extols its virtues — the creaminess of the coconut water, the crunch of the pomegranates, and the sweetness of blueberries — until you can’t help but want a bowl for yourself. Eat it while listening to: Scuse Me – Lizzo


🫐🍓🥥 it’s actually really good y’all @natures_food

♬ Romantic Piano – Piano

Soul Food Cupcakes
In her soul food cupcakes, Lizzo takes a comfort food mash-up and veganizes it, starting with a cornbread muffin and then adding mashed potatoes, crispy fried chicken, and a silky gravy to create a plant-based masterpiece that would be the perfect carby indulgence after a night at the club. Eat it while listening to: Phone – Lizzo


I DID IT 😫 #soulfoodcupcake

♬ original sound – Makayla

Jalapeños and Takis
Yes, it’s true, Takis are vegan! Get ready to stain your fingers red for this spicy snack, a cream cheese stuffed, battered, and Taki-crusted jalapeño with Sriracha ranch dressing. Lizzo says she should only eat it once a year, but you’ll probably want it more often than that. Eat it while listening to: Hot Cheetos and Takis – Y.N. RichKids


Lizzo vs Takis jalapeños 🥵

♬ Hot Cheetos & Takis – Y.N.Richkids


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